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Merchandising Display Equipment
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Each of the manufacturers below provides 'free on loan' display equipment that will improve the look and feel of your shop.

Click on a Manufacturer to be taken to there display equipment. If you then click on the image a pop up box will appear with the image and dimensions which you will be able to print. This will allow you to check the dimensions available in your store and once you have selected the display equipment you wish to use and have checked the sizes within your shop, then click on “make an enquiry” against the unit of your choice and send us an email, we will do the rest.

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CCE GDM - 23 ICOOL - 500
GDM - 23 CCE - ICOOL 500
Top Rack CCE GDM - 23
CCE - Leda 190 Retro Single Door Cooler
CCE GDM - 35
EasyReach Express
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LSR Fast Lane Chiller LSR Single Door Chiller
Fast Lane Chiller Single Door Chiller
LSR Double Door Chiller GSK Double Door
Double Door Chiller Dairy Decks
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Red Bull chillers are available on loan from Red Bull UK. Terms and conditions apply.

Red Bull Slim Counter Cooler Red Bull Can Cooler
Slim Counter Cooler - Eco Can Cooler
Small Open Fronted Cooler
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