Confectionery Top 10 Top 50
Merchandising Display Equipment
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Rank Product
1 Red Bull Energy Pm 1.19 250ml
2 Coca Cola Pm 1.00 500ml
3 Coca Cola Regular Can 330ml
4 Lucozade Energy Orange Pm 95p 380ml
5 Coca Cola Regular Can Pm 65p 330ml
6 Coca Cola Regular Bottle 500ml
7 Boost Energy Original Pm 49p 250ml
8 Diet Coke Pm 1.00 500ml
9 Monster Energy Original Pm 1.19 500ml
10 Diet Coke Drink 330ml
11 Dr Pepper Std Pm 1.00 500ml
12 Red Bull Energy 250ml
13 Diet Coke Drink 500ml
14 Emerge Energy Energy Drink Pm 35p 250ml
15 Evian Mineral Water 500ml
16 Coca Cola Standard Pm 1.85 1.75lt
17 Diet Coke Pm 65p 330ml
18 Ribena Blackcurrant Pm 99p 500ml
19 Lucozade Sport Orange Pm 99p 500ml
20 Volvic Mineral Water 500ml
21 Volvic Mineral Water Sports Cap 1lt
22 Relentless Origin Pm 1.00 500ml
23 Pepsi Max Cola Pm 99p 600ml
24 Coca Cola Regular Can Pm 49p 250ml
25 Evian Mineral Water Sports Cap 750ml
26 Coca Cola Cherry Std Pm 1.00 500ml
27 Volvic Touch of Fruit Strawberry Original 500ml
28 Lucozade Energy Original Pm 95p 380ml
29 Volvic Mineral Water 1.5lt
30 Lucozade Energy Orange 500ml
31 Irn Bru Drink Pm 49p 330ml
32 Dr Pepper Std Pm 59p 330ml
33 Lucozade Energy Orange 380ml
34 Rockstar Xdurance Bluebry/Pmgrnt Pm 99p 500ml
35 Oasis Summer Fruits Pm 1.00 500ml
36 Fanta Fruit Twist Pm 1.00 500ml
37 Red Bull Energy Pm 1.99 473ml
38 Fanta Orange Pm 1.00 500ml
39 Pepsi Pm 1.69 2lt
40 Diet Coke Standard Pm 1.69 1.75lt
41 Lucozade Energy Orange Pm 1.99 1lt
42 Pepsi Cola Pm 49p 330ml
43 Rockstar Punched Guava Pm 99p 500ml
44 Dr Pepper Std 500ml
45 Glaceau Smartwater Distilled Water W/Electrolytes 600ml
46 Coca Cola Cherry Pm 65p 330ml
47 Ribena Blackcurrant Pm 59p 288ml
48 Pepsi Max Cola Pm 1.69 2lt
49 Coca Cola Regular 1.75lt
50 Evian Mineral Water 1.5lt
Source: IRI Marketplace Data to 03.01.2016, Value and Unit Sales, Symbols and Independents Channel


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