Sugro Retail Club is a scheme that allows the independent retailer, to effectively compete in a highly challenging market place with deep cut promotional pricing on the biggest and best brands in the industry!  We already have over 2,000 retailers, enjoying real benefits by participating!

The scheme has no fees…guaranteed! And the retailer does not pay for any marketing Point of Sale kits…guaranteed!  In addition the retailer can pull out anytime they want…however we believe once they have experienced the many benefits…they certainly won’t want to!

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The Retailer signs up to implementing 17 promotions per year

Retailers will receive a brochure containing promotions on the biggest brands at the very keenest promotional prices. This brochure can also be used by Retailers to place Retail Club orders.

By implementing the 17 promotions per year the retailer will receive the following POS kit:

  • A4 Window Poster for each featured product
  • Shelf Talker for each featured product.

delivered to their door by their Sugro Wholesaler;






In addition to the above, we can provide help on Drop Shipment and we can also provide display solutions in terms of manufacturers equipment e.g. Chiller cabinets etc.

So, the retailers keep their independence and take advantage of significant buying power to provide their customers with what they require of the retailer! 


What the retailer has to do to take advantage of this easy to implement scheme? 

Simply contact there nearest Sugro UK Ltd wholesaler or get in touch with Ian Irvine on:
Tel: 01270 628728

It couldn’t be easier!

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