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The total Symbols & Independents Biscuit market is worth £194million in the UK and is growing 0.9% YOY. Did you know that Symbols & Independents account for 83% of total Convenience biscuit sales?

Biscuits have the highest market penetration of any snack category at 99.8% and the frequency of purchase a year is an average purchase of 44 times a year.

Merchandising planograms

Clean and clear merchandising is a way for your customers to know what you are selling.

Top 20 Biscuits

Did you know biscuits are eaten more often weekly and by more people than any other snack?

Make sure the best sellers are always available to maximise sales.

Guarantee profitability by stocking the Top 20 products from Nielsen product category sales. The Top 20 recommended products account for 35% of all impulse sales, so stock these in a prominent place within your customers eyeline.

TOP 20

Nielsen 52W to 11.07.2020 By Value in Symbols and Independents

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