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The world of Crisps & Snacks is worth £2.4b in the UK.

In the last year Crisps & Snacks have grown +3% across Independents & Symbols. This growth has been driven by Sharing which account for 68% of Total Crisps & Snacks Sales.

Sharing Price-marked packs are your most important pack format and have grown +10% in the last year. Offer shoppers a choice across best-sellers and exciting NPD with Sharing £1 PMPs.*

With more shoppers consuming snacks in the home, bigger Sharing bags are perfect for the evening sharing occasion, and have grown +24% in the last 2 years across Independents & Symbols. Stock a small range of best-sellers to cater for this growing shopper need.

Singles are the second biggest pack format (22% of category) and key for the lunch time occasion. Recent growth is currently being driven by Non PMP Singles & Value Snacks. Limit your range to best-sellers only.

Multipacks have grown +6% in Independents & Symbols in 2021 vs 2019 (Pre-COVID) as a result of increased take-home shopper missions. Focus on a small range of best-sellers across crisps and snacks.

* Referral to PMPs are a suggestion only. RSPs and mechanics remain solely at the retailer's discretion
Source: Nielsen, Independent & Symbols, W.E. 08.01.22

Merchandising planograms

Clean and clear merchandising is a way for your customers to know what you are selling.

We have produced, just for you, a range of merchandising plans to suit your store. By implementing these plans you can optimise your store layout and help increase profitability for your business.

TOP 20

Source: Nielsen Independents & Symbols, YTD ranked by £ Sales, 2022


Did you know: 70% of crisps & snacks sales come from main fixture. It’s important to offer the sufficient space for the best-selling products.

Source: Convenience Path to Purchase research – Green Shoots (Dec 20)

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